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Health 2.0 Philadelphia

Posted by Paul Roemer on February 25, 2010

The new group is up and running.

There is a distinction between the business of healthcare and the healthcare business. The first is more about managing the dollars and cents, and the latter is about delivering outstanding care. Many argue that the business of healthcare operates under an 0.2 business model. I believe that moving the business model to a 2.0 model by correctly deploying healthcare IT will benefit the business, the physicians, and the patients.

My vision is to make this group a place where local healthcare executives come to learn and exchange ideas in a non-threatening forum.

The purpose of the meet up is to network, exchange ideas, and learn from subject matter experts. I hope we can agree to make the meetings something of value as opposed to a forum for selling the products and services of some of the members.

Please think about joining us or sharing the link with someone.

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