Would you benefit from meeting?

_42925889_asian_apThere’s been a lot of interesting discussion underway on a number of sites about a number of topics all having to do with some aspect of what ought providers be doing to optomize their chances of success around the issues of EHR, healthcare reform, workflow engineering, and so on.  Most of the discussion on the web focus on the fact that the train has already left the station and you should just hop on.  There is little or no discussion about whether a provider should stop and consider if that train is the best one for you.

Here’s an idea I’m offering. Would you be interested in getting together for a day or two to put this idea and a few others on the table and see what we come up with? We could do it in Philadelphia or DC in late August or September. The agenda can be whatever the attendees want it to be.  The take away/delevierable will also be defined by those attneding.

I’d be happy to sponsor it provided we have healthcare providers who are willing to contribute their ideas. This is not intended to be a conference for vendors and consultants to sell their wares.  You can contact me here or by email at paul.roemer@clintonrubin.com.

What topics would you like to see covered?

What discussion would you be willing to lead?

What format makes the most sense?  Breakout groups, presentations?


2 thoughts on “Would you benefit from meeting?

  1. I really love this idea. I’ve been rolling around something similar in my head for a while. I figured between my blog and my connections with EMR Update I could put together a pretty cool meeting much as you describe. Not so much a conference as a meeting of really smart people discussing important topics related to EMR in depth.

    The only challenge for me with your idea is possibly getting to Philly or DC from Las Vegas. Please keep me informed about what you’re working on.

    As a fellow EMR blogger (about 4 years now), who did a presentation asking whether the EHR ARRA stimulus money is the right train, I’m very interested in widening the discussion about EMR selection, implementation, and use.


  2. I would be interested in attending. I am from the IT relm and would be interested in discussing will health care professionals about what they feel they need and maybe answering questions they have in regards to how IT can assit them in meeting EMR/EHR needs.

    Would not be looking to sell anything but provide input as far as the capabilities the IT has to meet needs.


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