On a personal note

homer_xrayAre there things I should be doing on a nice Sunday instead of tossing out counterfeit intellectual chum over FIOS?

Sure, however my children are in Colombia for six weeks visiting their grandmother–the country, not the school–I can’t remember the last time the house was this quite.  Already did my run, and pretended I could swim.  Got Rachmaninoff floating through every room in the house.  Somebody needs to yell, “Step away from the computer.”

My wife is in DC for the weekend–you really don’t care about any of this, do you?  A guy weekend.  Home alone, or home lonely–this is my 12-step program, you have to invent your own.  Wearing those boxers with all the holes–stop laughing.  The perfect weekend for football, but there are no games.  It will probably all come down to a Clint Eastwood festival with cigars, body counts, and scratching.  “Are you feeling luck today?”

I was excited to learn yesterday that a Harvard psychiatrist and teacher reads the bolg.  However, now I’m afraid that these little missives could wind up as case studies in Abi-normal psych 101–so you think you know healthcare?

Once again you’ve gotten me off track.  On a personal note…

We are all consumers of healthcare.  We are it’s customers.  Without us healthcare doesn’t exist.  Rule number one in any business–Never reform the customers.

Missed that one, didn’t they?  Here’s my thought on this–the audience took a collective sigh, and many of those at the back of the theater were seen sneaking away.

What is one of the most important factors for individuals when it comes to healthcare?  You may disagree, but I think it comes to choice.  The patient having the right to choose.  The right to exercise some control, even if it isn’t real.  I think a lot of the uproar about reform has to do with people not wanting to lose what little control they have.

It’s difficult to believe you even have the right to assert yourself when you think your life may be on the line.  Laying in the back of the ambulance I knew I wasn’t having a stellar day.  Those who say your life passes before you are wrong, what passes before you is the life not yet lived.

From the back of the ambulance, one has more control over who is going to cut their hair than they have over who is going to do their heart.  When you’re flat on your back, the perspective is that the only things that may be left is your right to choose.

That’s a tad too somber for a Sunday, so let’s all fast forward.


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