Healthcare–0.2 to 2.0, mind the GAP

dog Alex van Klaveren raised a question in his blog, Medicexchange about a point we raised here stating that Healthcare is moving from version 0.2 to 2.0.

My thoughts on this center around differentiating between the business of healthcare and healthcare as a business. That they may not be easily separable makes it difficult. There are many factors which if viewed from the perspective of an MBA student that suggest the as a business (processes, management, use of technology to run the business) it is found lagging when compared to for example to banking and manufacturing. Healthcare is being pushed to catch up quickly, and has little guidance in how to get from A to B, and doesn’t understand how to define the Gap.

We’ve also stated that it’s not about EHR.  So then, what is it about–sorry for the preposition?  It’s about the Gap.  It’s about knowing where you are, defining where you want to be, and being able to articulate a strategy which will get you there.  It’s about change management, and work flow improvement.

My best – Paul


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