can you apply social media to Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

A consultant was on one side of the river; his client was on the other side. The client hollered, “How do I get to the other side?”  The consultant thought for a moment and hollered back, “You are on the other side.”—don’t try this at home kids, we’re professionals.

It goes without saying that rarely am I regarded as one with a high capacity of tolerance.   When things get tough or when meetings are exceedingly dull I like to go to my happy place. Sometimes I get to go to my happy place when I least expect it. Like the time my coffee machine started leaking all over the floor.

Having met such unheralded success repairing my mixer, naturally I took apart my Capresso coffee maker. Not many parts. I put it back together thinking the simple act of dismembering it might have caused it to self-heal. Fill it. Turn it on. Puddle. I called Capresso started to explain my problem. Before I had a chance to finish the rep told me what caused the problem, asked for my address, and said they would mail a new gasket overnight for free, as in F-R-E-E. No proof of purchase needed.

Talk about managing the customer experience and taking the lead on social networking.  What types of things could you be doing to improve Patient Relationship Management (PRM)?  How could social networking help you improve PRM?

Let’s talk.

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