Is I is, or is I isn’t?

As I Was Going Up The Stairs, I Met A Man Who Wasn’t There.  He Wasn’t There Again Today. I Wish, I Wish, He’d Go Away.

Is I is, or is I isn’t?  Am I me, or are you me?  One of us is not who I appear to be.

I have been having some trouble, as if you couldn’t tell.  Blog trouble.  WordPress or someone is toying with me.  I am getting emails from me—or should it be myself.  I don’t know, but one of me is writing to me.

WordPress sends me an email every time someone comments on my blog.  The email enables me to decide if I want to approve the comment.  As of yesterday, I have approved them all—I appreciate you reading and making the time to share your thoughts.

Yesterday I opened an email from WordPress and started to read the comment.  It occupied nearly a full page.  Clearly someone had taken the time to craft this little missive.  It was very well written.  What first piqued my curiosity is that the tone and cadence sounded like my writing.  The author interjected snippets from a few of my posts.

When WordPress sends these emails it informs me of the author’s email, their URL, and their IP address.  The author’s email was listed as being mine.  Their website was listed as mine.  As I was going up the stairs, I met a man who wasn’t there—me.  I didn’t write the comment.  Someone had figured out how to send a comment to my post and pretend I had written it.

When I clicked the IP address Chrome opened a new window and informed me the IP address was fraudulent.

Am I becoming Sybil or merely simple?  Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Is I is, or is I isn’t?

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  2. I am you and you are me. We met on the stairs I agree and each time you look in the mirror look for me. We have coffee and we have drinks. You are I and I am you. Look no farther you have found you. Wish as you might you cannot separate me from you.


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