Overcoming competency

Which is more difficult—overcoming competency or incompetency, or is this another example of rhetorical nonsense? Experience has taught me that some firms are ambidextrous when it comes to overcoming competency—they can overcome being competent with either hand or with both hands tied behind their back.

Let’s see. Competency without value is what? I think that’s incompetency. That’s what I call the Competency Gap—not even knowing that what’s being done isn’t delivering the value. The Competency Trap is the silly belief that trying harder and implementing technology somehow improves the problem. It’s sort of like, “We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re making really good time.”

I’ll go out on a limb and guess there was a time in your hospital or clinic when you didn’t have to overcome the competency of those who claimed that EHR would make everything better, those who thought you needed help, thought they knew how to help, those who backed up the truck, dumped the EHR technology at your doorstep, and started you down healthcare’s Bataan death march.

Some EHR initiatives make me more paranoid than I already am.  How is it working out for you?  Are the clipboardists checking your every move to see how well the EHR is performing?  If in the midst of their competency they did not redesign all the processes affected by EHR, it is probably not working too well. It seems a little like planning a daisy and pulling it up every hour to check the roots and see how well it’s growing.

You tell me. Are the doctors and staff any happier? More satisfied? Has the EHR worked, has it improved productivity, or has it simply given the appearance of looking high-tech?  My guess is that everyone would be a lot more successful if people would leave the daisies alone.  

“Incompetency begets incompetency. The last thing a guy who isn’t sure of himself wants is a guy backing him up who is sure of himself.”

Lee Iacocca

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