Your EHR contract–Until death do us part?

That’s a long time. There are those who suggest that statement sort of takes away any incentive they had to live forever. They wonder why it couldn’t be somewhat less restrictive like, “for the foreseeable future,” or “until one of us gets bored,” or “renewable every four years.”

Till death do you part. Sort of like you either just purchased or are about to share your future with. Once the figures get beyond two commas, you’re pretty much locked in—for better or for worse. It makes no difference if you’ve outgrown it, no longer need it, figure out you never needed it, found something better. Perhaps next time you can suggest more friendly language as you stroll arm in arm down the EHR contract aisle.

First, you must make the other party think that they need you more than you need them.
The best contract is an agreement that is binding on the weaker party—hopefully your EHR vendor. Here’s a little twist for the next contract negotiation with the EHR vendor.

Vendor: Will you manage my EHR with all your heart?

Manage it till death you part?

C-suite: Yes, I’ll manage with all my heart,

From now until death do us part,

And I will manage it when it breaks,

And when my boss over the coals me rakes,

And when it’s fit, and when it’s sick,

(Oh, CAN’T we finish this contract quick?)

And we will own it when it’s bad,

And we will own it when I’m mad,

And I will still own it when it’s broke,

When all our patients want me to choke,

And when if fails Meaningful Use,

And when its failure cooks my goose,

And I will be none the dapper,

As my career goes in the (you fill in the blank),

While searching the bowels for our old charts,

Since productivity has fallen apart,

I will manage it as you like,

As all our doctors go on strike,

And I will eat green eggs and ham, and I will like them Sam I am.

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