A new Google Wave-does it matter which EHR vendor you select?

I started a Google Wave whose purpose is to see if you will share your thoughts about when push comes to shove, does the success or failure of an EHR have much to do with what system you select as long as you select one of the top 5-7?

I think it can be argued that if you select from among the top vendors by placing their names in a hat and drawing one, you do not lessen your chances of being successful.

What’s your take? Please invite others to participate.

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2 thoughts on “A new Google Wave-does it matter which EHR vendor you select?

  1. It probably doesn’t matter. The apriori failure rate (as measured by de-installation at 5 years) will still be over 40%. A motivated group with a supportive staff and well planned and financed implementation can deploy any EMR. This aforementioned motivated group is of course a relatively rare bird. When you say “Top 5-7” EMRs I assume you mean by Sales. These tend to be CCHIT-type EMRs which are quite frequently the most bloated and hardest to implement. Groups motivated to get the ARRA money will have very high failure rates (50%+). The money, time commmitment, and risk involved in deploying an EMR is so much greater than the tiny, temporary ARRA funding .. it makes me wonder why anyone is brave enough to try to implement today’s Plain Jane, unimaginative, unproven EMRs. Good luck with your Ideas/Thoughts/Blog !


    • Good points Dr. Murdoch, thanks for sharing. I did mean sales, as I don’t think any of them are superlative. If you plan well, you could select a vendor from a hat and do as well or better than some.


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