What if our EMRs were portable?

I am wondering how much of the cost of a hospital’s EHR system includes building in the functionality of individuals’ EMRs and making them transportable.

What if EMR’s were made portable and they could be carried around by patients on super smart devices?

Any thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “What if our EMRs were portable?

  1. I agree on the portability but don’t think crayying it around on a smart device is a good idea. However, the EMRs could reside in the cloud and the smart device (iPhone or Android based) could grant instant access to any such data. Its kind of like carrying around the data but not exactly. Putting the information in the cloud is a better long term strategy. Also, there should be one single repository of Medical data. Sections of this data could be tagged to grant access to only those people that need access to it. It’s still a single repositiory but with multiple views. My main concern is security of carrying data around on a device.


    • That makes sense. I also think the EMR data will wind up in the cloud along with everything else. For that matter, there is no reason why the EMR itself can’t reside there. The real point is that if portability takes off, fed by bottom up consumer demand rather than top-down federal initiatives, many of the problems with the national roll out of EHR could be resolved.


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