EHR: How do you know if vendors tell the truth?

At the beginning of my final year of graduate school, during a prior administration, the school sponsored a seminar on how to dress for interviews.

The take away from the seminar is the following:

  • If you are interviewing with a financial institution wear a pin-stripe suit, white shirt, and a power tie.
  • If interviewing with an advertising agency, go with wider lapels, slightly faired pants—ok, it was the eighties—and a tie with as much verve as you can muster.
  • Accounting firms.  A Khaki suit whose pants and sleeves are an inch or two short, a frayed button-down shirt, and a dull tie.  Roll them all into a ball; place them under your pillow, and go to sleep.

Things have changed since them.  Nowadays, I think most interviewers are content to see that the interviewee is dressed; at least that covers the tattoos.

Maybe a similar seminar ought to be available on how to select vendors.

Unfortunately, judging them by how they are dressed, there is now way to know if they are telling the truth.

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2 thoughts on “EHR: How do you know if vendors tell the truth?

  1. Paul,

    I don’t believe that EMR vendors will intentionally mislead a customer. Rather, they are adept at not bringing up the issue that should have been asked. In addition, most sales staff are positioned not to be “too brainy ” or too technical. Therefore, if there is a question, the sales staff can be implausibly ignore the question.


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