The Services We Offer

What we have here is a failure to communicate, and unfortunately the failure is mine.

It has been a week of learning.  According to one of the thought leaders in healthcare, whom I’ve known for more than a year, he does not understand what services my firm offers hospitals, and he thinks others may have the same problem.

He suggested it would be helpful to spell it out, service by service.  So here goes.

Program Management:

We work with hospital CIOs and COOs as their advocate by serving as the program management officer (PMO).  We define functional requirements, select software, and manage IT applications vendors for enterprise applications like EHR, CRM, and ERP.

Operational Efficiency:

We work with the hospital C-suite to identify, define, and implement a unique set of business processes and business rules, eliminating duplicated processes and those which do not add value.  The output is a single set of best practices processes and rules.

Change Management:

Enterprise applications will alter business processes and impact most employees and patients.  Without a rigorous change management effort, the impact of the application on the hospital’s processes and people will be a disaster.  We figure out what must change, how it will change, and how to pull it off.

Patient Relationship Management (PEM):

This is the hospital equivalent of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  On a PEM project we define the requirements, select an application vendor, define the processes, and manage the project to completion.

Please let me know if you need help with any of these.

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