Some vendors are like a fine wine

Have a vendor for dinner tonight.

Fashion can be reinvented every 6 months, healthcare can’t.

That’s plenty of reason to try to get EHR/HIT right.  Remember this little principle; DIRT-FIT–Do It Right The First Time.  Don’t know how?  There are some who do.  There is even a larger group who think they do.  If you look pretenders in the eye, sometimes they blink.  Some vendors are like a fine wine—you have to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they’re ready to have for dinner.  To be fair, they may feel the same way about me.

A vendor client of mine mentioned their customers told them the vendor did not understand their customer’s business. The vendor thought the customer’s comments were unfounded–their basis for believing this is that they had been in the business for years.  I told the CEO I would buy dinner for everyone in their firm who previously worked on the clinical side of a healthcare provider.

I ate by myself, no wine.  A nice Chianti served with a side of fava beans would have been nice.  Clarice?
Kind Regards,


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