If a Certified system is so special, offer a certification warranty

I think that certifying the EHR product prior to installing it is worthless. Certification to me means that the product is capable of performing some function.   If certification is of any value, the fact that it’s certified means it should still be certifiable after it’s installed.

We all know that that is not the case. If the feds think it’s so important to certify the EHR products, let’s certify them after installation.   The large vendors are the ones pushing certification.  They do it for one reason, to limit competition.  If the vendors think certification somehow implies that their product is somehow better because it has been certified, let them offer a cost free warranty and re-certify it after installation.

It’s an easy test.  Let’s see how many of them respond to this plan.

4 thoughts on “If a Certified system is so special, offer a certification warranty

  1. I think your proposition is excellent and brilliant. I doubt, however anybody will take you up on it. We all know its nothing but a marketing and sales scheme just like you mentioned. Helping increase vendor lock and cutting out competition.


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