Healthcare 2.0, can you get there from here?

From a business perspective, not clinical, the critical success factor for H2.0 relies on healthcare’s ability to move from being an 0.2 industry in terms of how it is run as a business.

H0.2 is the “As-is” model.  H2.0 is the “To-be” model.  To reach H2.0 healthcare must bridge that functional, work flow, change management, user acceptance, and technical GAP.  The Gap will differ by provider.  There is no singular work plan to help providers know what they need to do to build a custom plan to bridge the gap.

None of this matters until the healthcare provider willingly acknowledges that they have a long way to go to get to anything that resembles H2.0.

H0.2 – H2.0 = GAP

If you don’t mind the gap,  H2.0 is just H2O–all wet.

One other thought.  There is a lot of discussion about Healthcare 2.0.  The discussion seems to suggest 2.0 is a destination point as though one can “arrive” at Healthcare 2.0.  Viewed this way, when healthcare arrives at 2.0, everyone else will be arriving at 3.0.  Unless the model evolves along a continuum, the journey may have been for naught.

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