EHR: Every time you redesign, God kills a kitten

Again on the project failure?  Yes.  Why?  Trying to head it off at the pass.  Source, The Bull Report.

Fifty-seven percent of failures are due to bad communication.  What’s that?  Poor grammar?  No.  Not enough meetings?  Doubtful.

It’s about PMO.  A hired gun?  Perhaps.  An advocate who will manage the vendor on your behalf.  What’s the rest of the hired gun’s job description?  It is all the blue stuff in the graph.

And now it is time to view this discussion in light of healthcare.  The chances of your ‘two-comma’ project failing are legion.  Why? Nobody has a good history of having done EHR; if they have experience it is likely because their first implementation failed.  EHR is not like implementing ERP.  The is no ROI at the end of the rainbow.  The business driver seems to be Meaningful Use which has caused many hospitals to glide over things like process improvement and change management and breaking down the tribal barriers among organizations.

The good news is that being a bad dresser will not hurt the project.



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