My take on earthquakes and hurricanes

America’s east coast immigrants must be having a confusing week—an earthquake on Tuesday and a hurricane.  I assume many of them turned to the news for survival tips and came away even more confused.

The bad thing about earthquakes is there is not enough time to respond appropriately, and by respond I mean to shop.  For some reason, we adapt better to natural disasters once we have our shopping done.  And for those who do not know what to buy, the local news teams are always on the scene showing people where to shop and what to buy when they shop.

Based on what I saw, it appears the three natural disaster survival items are milk, bread, and eggs.  While my neighbors were stocking up for the hurricane I was buying bags of road salt and a few snow shovels just to confuse them.

For some reason, when the sky or the earth opens in ways only God understands, our natural reaction to unnatural occurrences must be to find solace in making French toast—milk, bread, and eggs.  (There was nobody in line by the kiwis and pomegranates.)

Perhaps French toast is our down-market homage to the Brits’ strawberries and cream.

If the sill of your window is still above water this Sunday morning, open it a crack, and let me know if you smell the cinnamon and syrup.

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