I can fix your EHR productivity

That is a bold statement and one I can back up. I feel so confident in this claim that if productivity of your EHR does not improve the cost to you is nothing.

EHR potentially will offer a number of benefits.  It won’t offer much at all if you don’t install it right.

However, it’s not a panacea.  Without having a detailed understanding of the business problems you are trying to solve, it may not be of much more value than a Xerox machine.

Do you want make color copies with your EHR?  Probably not.

I picture your office situation is something like this.  The EHR vendor left months ago.  IT keeps coming around to ask how you are doing, to ask how the system is performing.  Not wanting to hurt their feelings you tell them everything is fine, but it is not fine.  It has not been fine since you started using it. Your productivity is down, way down, and it looks like it is not going to get better any time soon.

Does that sound about right?

What is I told you your productivity loss can be fixed?  Stop laughing long enough to read.  The vendor will not be the one to fix it. IT will not be the one to fix it.

All kidding aside, if you want to discuss how you can recoup your productivity, please let me know.

One thought on “I can fix your EHR productivity

  1. As a medical trancriptionist, I focus on increasing a practice’s productivity through the services I offer. I’m interested to know your ideas on increasing productivity.


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