Dateline ESPN: USOC Rules on Patient Experience

Dateline ESPN: The United States Olympic Committee (USOC), in a somewhat startling announcement, ruled today that the men’s decathlon had modified its rules. Because scores in the high jump, one of the ten contested events, were lower than those of other countries, starting in 2014 all decathletes would be required to spend all of their training time focused on the high jump.  In addition, the USOC would penalize any decathletes that did not improve their high jump scores.

To meet the new requirement, many decathletes have hired coaches and purchased training data to help them increase their high jump scores.  One holdout is reported as having said that the USOC has overlooked the fact that the decathlon is scored on ten events, and that to focus on a single event would only result in having failed at all of them.

There is no need to write more.  Replace the USOC with CMS, the high jump with HCAPS, the decathlete with a hospital, and the decathlon with the Total Quality of the Patient’s Encounter (TQE) and you have the whole story. 

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