An Open Letter to Hospital Executives

To whom it may concern,

I am passionate about improving the experience patients and prospective patients have with hospitals, from prior to be admitted and through post-discharge interactions.  HCAHPs only address a fraction of an individual’s experience, and surveying what happened months ago will not help retain or refer patients. The same are true regarding hiring coaches and purchasing patient satisfaction data.

I have improved customer experience and customer interactions for firms who have a combined customer base of more than two hundred million.  More people probable visit the hospital each day via the web and by phone than walk through its doors, yet the satisfaction of those interactions is unknown. This becomes even more important as the business model moves from heads in beds to population health. 

Below are links two documents for your consideration. One looks at defining a global patient experience strategy for the organization, the second lists twenty-seven questions about patient satisfaction left unasked.

Please let me know if we may meet or schedule a call.


Paul Roemer

Chief Patient Experience Officer

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