A Vivid Example of Innovating Patient Experience

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here is but one example of how a hospital can rid itself of repeat processes, employee time, mistakes, and waiting by getting patients to schedule appointments and labs the way they would rather do it, online at their convenience.  There are dozens of other processes that could be done this way.


2 thoughts on “A Vivid Example of Innovating Patient Experience

  1. One can only dream…. for this country’s system, whats been left out… Appt sent out by hospital… doesn’t suit patient/parent due to work, unable to get cover, due to day/time issues.. or no transport if rural… asks for change, gets told definitely not.. gets annual leave /organises private transport! day before appt , gets letter in mail saying [no sorry] that appt now to be the following week/month or even 2hrs earlier/later Patient gets to appt finally and after 2hr wait in waiting room, to be seen by junior staff who ask why have you come………. in Paeds that could be any guess as often the children have multiple to be seen bys and just waiting for dietician / allergist/ resp/ general paeds !! Brenda [bemused/sarcastic fieldmouse]


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