Patient Experience on Banker’s Hours

Sometimes I can’t help myself.  I am still stuck on the question of whether people believe that adding a screen saver to the computer terminals of hospital staff employees reminding everyone to be quiet is the equivalent of reinventing the patient experience mousetrap.

Accordingly, I thought I would offer a few ideas of my mine on that mousetrap to move the conversation in a different direction. 

A 15 cent innovation—Raise your hand if you know someone who snores.  Now, if you have ever used earplugs to combat the snoring, raise your other hand.  Now look around.  Most of you have raised both hands.  You wear the earplugs because it blocks out the noises other people make.  Offer your patients earplugs, and for good measure through in a sleeping mask. I have not done the math but I’d bet the ROI—Return on Innovation is pretty high.

A slightly more expensive investment, but what is the real cost of a comma or two when patients go somewhere else? When was the last time you called your phone company or your cable company? It is never a pleasant experience.  But, you know what? You can have that unpleasant experience 24 x 7.

You cannot do that with hospitals.  That is because most hospitals concluded that there is never a good reason to talk to you before 8 AM or after 6 PM Monday through Friday.

Banker’s hours.

Banker’s hours used to mean something.  You had to run to the bank to deposit your check before it closed.  Now you can do whatever you need to do with your bank, except get the lollipop, 24 x 7.

Try scheduling an appointment with your hospital Saturday evening. If that doesn’t work, use your time more wisely.  Call Verizon and ask them to explain your bill.

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