Patient Access & Customer Satisfaction (PACS): The Mathematics of Change

There are three people in the ER. One of them is a physician, one of them is an executive, and one of them is a consultant. They see a machine unplugged that is standing against a wall in the waiting room.

And the executive says, ‘Look, the technology in this hospital is not used.’ And the physician says, ‘No. There are machines in the hospital of which at least one is not used.’

And the consultant stood there in silence guessing neither of them really cared what he thought about the machine.

At least one. A mathematical term meaning one or more.

Some. A non mathematical term.

The term is commonly used in situations where existence can be established but it is not known how to determine the total number of solutions.  In our example, ‘E’ represents the unused machine and ‘C’ represents the unused consultant—the exceptionally bright among us will notice there is no ‘C’.  That is a problem on my end, but I digress.


How many things can be changed regarding the patient access that would have a positive impact? At least one.

What would you change if you were not afraid of failing?

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