Why is Patient Experience Like A Chicken Crossing the Road?

Nine miles into my run I was at the apex of the bridge crossing the bay, leaning over the guardrail to catch my breath. To my surprise, a state policeman pulled alongside of me.

“What are you doing?”  He asked, a tone of concern in his voice.

Since I was trying to cross the bridge, I thought about asking him if his question was like why did the chicken cross the road, but he did not look like a chicken crossing the road kind of guy.

“Are you okay? You don’t look okay.”

“I’m fine. Why did you pull over?” I asked.

“We got some calls about a guy on the bridge who looked depressed. Are you thinking of jumping?”

“Jumping what?”

“Jumping off the bridge. Are you sure you are okay? You look depressed.”

“I think I look like I just ran nine miles.” I placed my foot on the guardrail to stretch my hamstring.

“Take your foot off the bridge,” he commanded. “I was about to call for a helicopter. Are you sure you are okay?”

I was going to ask him if the helicopter would give me a ride back to our house in Ocean City, but he didn’t look like a give me a ride back kind of guy. “May I continue across?”

“No, you can’t do that here.”

An interesting statement, You can’t do that here. I was looking at a hospital’s website and there was a link suggesting if I clicked it I would be able to schedule an appointment.

I clicked it. The next page told me how good the hospital was. The page after that told me about all of the services they provided. The last page told me that if I wanted to schedule an appointment that I should call the hospital Monday through Friday between eight AM and five PM.

The website’s page should have included 24-point bold disclaimer stating, You can’t do that here.

Sort of like when I was trying to cross the bridge.

Most hospital websites should offer that disclaimer, You Can’t Do That Here. On most hospital websites people cannot do anything except read about the hospital. People are looking for an easy way to do business with their hospital, a way that has a great user experience.

Maybe you should turn your hospital’s website from a brochure into a business tool.

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