What Happens When Patient Experience Encounters Spiderman?

I had some questions for my provider.  That is not accurate, I had a bunch of things I needed to accomplish, and questions I had been saving up for the simple reason that I did not want to put myself through the process of interacting with the hospital multiple times. I thought it might hurt less if I did them all at once.

Some of the things and questions on my provider to-do list included:

  • Scheduling a follow up appointment
  • Refilling two prescriptions
  • Setting up a payment plan for myself
  • Learning how to file a dispute with my payer
  • Getting additional information regarding my discharge orders
  • Learning if there was a way for me to add personal health data to my health record
  • Get a copy of my personal health record
  • Learning if I could track my vital signs, diet, exercise, and medications on their system.

I thought I would try get some of these sorted on the phone and others online.

As I was reveling that I was able to do all of these with a single call and a single visit to the hospital’s customer portal my wife woke me.

“You were having that crazy nightmare again, weren’t you?” She asked.

“What nightmare?” I wondered.

“The one where you suspend disbelief, and you go to that hospital’s website and do all of those things . You have that dream every time you wear your Spiderman pajamas. Tonight you wear your Flintstones pajamas so I can get some sleep.”

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