What Do Patients Think? The REAL Factors & ROIs of Patient Access

I spent much of the last month asking patients and consumers about what matters to them about patient access.  Why did you do that, you may wonder?  Because I thought somebody should ask them.  There are dozens of firms claiming to be able to improve patient access, but have they asked patients what they think? There are hundreds of health systems claiming to be interested in improving patient access, but have any of their people asked the patients what is important to them?

I learned essentially two things:

  1. The people who want better access include two groups:
    1. Patients. “Patients” means inpatients, outpatients, discharged patients, former patients
    2. Consumers.
  2. Answer your phones, give me the answer I need in one phone call, give it to me by speaking with only one person, and let me call you when I want to call you, not just when you want me to call you.
  3. Allow me to do what I need to do with your organization the way I can with every other firm on the planet with who I do business.

I summarized what I learned in the downloadable PowerPoint deck whose link is below. I would love to know what you think. After all, each of you has been and will be a patient.

Patient Access ROIs

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