Two Fun Healthcare Consumerism Facts

I thought we’d change things around a bit today.

Yesterday I learned that healthcare may be more advanced in its use of technology than I thought.  Twenty percent of the user’s of Google, Apple, and Microsoft access those organizations using voice technology, “Okay, Google.”  “Hi, Siri.”

But, did you know that in healthcare almost one hundred percent of its users access their providers using voice technology?  “Thank you for calling our Lady of Zero Wait Time.  We estimate that you wait time will be long enough that if you have errands to run, you should consider running them now.  If in fact we do speak with you, your call will be recorded for quality purposes.”

So, we’ve got that bit of good news going for us.

Idea 2.  I’ve spent months trying to figure out a simple way to explain consumerism. My effort resulted in the following graphic.  What do you think?

hierarchy copy

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