2017’s De Novo Healthcare Strategy: Shift Happens

Everyone is interested in changing healthcare, but at some point, one must ask the question, just how serious is their interest.

Because of what happened on November 8, hopefully everyone who wrote their strategy about how to approach population health and accountable care had the foresight to write their strategy on a Etch-A-Sketch. The military has a saying about battle plans; once the first shot is fired, all plans go our the window. 
Did I just hear a shot across the bow of the USS Healthcare?

Healthcare organizations that were giddy with the anticipation of filling their coffers with the passage of Obama Care can now be heard weeping and gnashing their collective teeth.

The best way to handle the fertilizer that is about to hit their air circulation system should do two things; grab your Etch-A-Sketch with both hands and shake it vigorously and, write a new strategy. Shift Happens.

The time has come to throw out everything you thought you knew about what to do in the next five years and give careful consideration to what you should do now.

Friday I met with a senior executive of one of the most venerated health systems in the country. Part of our discussion focused on how healthcare needed to change in order to manage care and to drive wellness.

His idea, which I liked much better than mine, was that healthcare needed to take its current model and multiply it by negative one. What if, he suggested, instead of people paying to see the doctor, the doctor paid us when we needed to see him or her? On the flip side, on the days we did not need to see the doctor—because we are healthy—we pay the doctor.

Although it would be difficult to make the numbers work, if the healthcare’s goal is to make people healthy, intellectually the model makes sense.

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