Can Puppies & Crayons Improve Patient Experience?

Judging by the coddling elite colleges are providing to the students, the world must have gotten a lot more stressful than it was when I was a student.

After Trump’s election, ‘safe rooms’ were created on Ivy League campuses.  The purpose of those rooms was to give traumatized students the opportunity to overcome their gossamer cases of PTSD.  Cases of mental trauma were devouring students faster than the Bubonic Plague devoured the citizens of Europe.  The safe rooms were equipped with puppies and crayons.  Classes were canceled and exams were postponed. (Just writing about this is making me feel more cathartic.)

This week Harvard announced that it eliminated the fifty-cent a month fine for students who have overdue library books.  Why?  To relieve the stress of its students.  Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, and FDR, attended Harvard. I can only wonder how much more they would have contributed to mankind had their minds not been so traumatized by the fines they had to pay for their overdue books.

The world became more stressful but nobody notified me.  We got a puppy last month—not because we were stressed; we just thought she was cute.  Maybe I should buy a box of crayons for her.

Bad patient experiences cause a lot of stress.  Patients who do not pay their bills on time are fined.  Maybe hospitals should eliminate overdue payment fines.  Maybe hospitals should build ‘safe rooms’ for patients.  They could put crayons and puppies in the rooms.

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