Consumerism Strategy: Quit Doing What You Are Doing

When people speak of the personal experience Disney gives its customers, some refer to it as daunting.

There’s daunting.  And then there is every other firm.  If your health system isn’t named Disney, your customers probably use the word daunting when they describe how difficult the challenge is to do business with it.

Healthcare’s first point of consumerism failure is that it does not offer a personal experience to any of its patients or customers.  Healthcare’s one size fits all approach does not fit anyone. A mass-produced healthcare experience does not work with

Disney did not add a new ride to create a better experience.  Why? Because it knew that a new ride would only improve its list of rides.  Instead, Disney focused on everyone who enters the park.  Since most of Disney’s theme park customers visit multiple parks, their digital strategy makes the whole experience prior to and after visiting a theme park a breeze. Simply adding another MRI to a health system does not improve patient or customer experience, it simply adds another tool.

In an over-competitive and commoditized market, health systems that choose to design customized and personalized experiences will acquire and retain patients and customers, and increase satisfaction.  To do that, health systems must create digital experiences that are useful, different, and convenient.

For a digital strategy to be effective, it must create value for customers that extends beyond just the service offered. Websites are a good place to present information. Mobile provides convenience. To be patient and customer-centric, your overall digital strategy should focus on your patients and customers, not on your company.

Here are three components for creating a winning digital strategy:

  • Define why you are in business, why are you helping customers
  • Build your strategy around answering the why, focused on bringing value to your customers instead of it being centered on meeting company objectives
  • Make sure every business decision adds value to your customers. If it doesn’t, rethink the decision.

There is one component for creating a failing strategy:

  • Keep doing what you are doing

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