What Happens When Herman’s Hermits meets Healthcare Consumerism?

Kim Jong UnThe guy with the bad haircut, the heir to the Land of Hermits—Kim Jong Un. When you type ‘Kim’ into Google’s search bar, The Great Leader is the first hit.  And he’s often wearing a Nehru jacket, as though he was the fifth member of the 60’s band, Herman’s Hermits.  How do you sing Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter in Korean?

He and his most loyal Herman’s Hermits sycophants are fun to watch on television.  They are always clapping. Maybe they’d just watched North Koreas’ version of the play, Hamilton.

Are all the clappers so enthralled with the Great Leader’s divine actions, or are they simply afraid to be the first person to stop clapping?  Whomever stops clapping first, whomever either stopped because his or her hands hurt, or because he or she was showing his or her independence to buck the norm, is in trouble.  My guess is that person is not afforded the opportunity to show his or her independence a second time.

This week, the Hermit in Chief, announced that he is going to attack Guam. I doubt he can even spell Guam.

So much for my abridged version of All The News That’s Fit To Print.

The car driving in front of me today was a Tesla.  Tesla, whether you like their cars or not, reinvented the automobile—like going from a horse and buggy to the Model-T.  Every major car company on the planet believed their company had reinvented the automobile. Their reinvention was the creation of hybrids.  Sometimes their cars ran on gas, and sometimes they ran on batteries. Those automobile manufacturers defined “innovation with a lower-case ‘i’.  They needed an engine that ran on gas, and one that ran on electricity.

Along comes Tesla.  Can you imagine how the first meeting of Tesla’s engineers went when Elon Musk told the designers to design a car without a gas tank, without carburetors, without distributors, and without mufflers?

Musk reinvented the automotive industry.  And he did so in an industry whose idea of innovation was to redesign their cars from playing music on an 8-track tape player to one capable of playing music on a cassette tape. “Innovation with a lower-case ‘i’.  Disruption with a lower-case “d”.  Tesla ignored GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, BMW, and Mercedes.

Tesla is building a Gigafactory; the largest battery manufacturing plant in the world, while Ford’s engineers are debating whether their 2018 model cars should be painted in midnight blue or beige.

There is a significant difference between ‘innovation’ and ‘Innovation’.

Healthcare is deciding between midnight blue and beige. Healthcare is deciding between relevant and irrelevant.  It is trying to decide between 8-track tapes and Pandora. Healthcare’s business model is mired in making marginal improvements on what was instead of what could be.

Healthcare cannot define what could be.

Most healthcare firms have someone in charge of ‘innovation.’  They have no one in charge of ‘Innovation’.

If you play the card game Bridge, there are over a quintillion possible different hands that can be dealt. If you play the healthcare game Consumerism, there is only one winning hand.



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