At what point do we decide this will not work?

We haven't tried this approach yet

We haven't tried this approach yet

What is your natural reaction when you are faced with something that you know doesn’t make sense?  Most people respond with silence, or they join the majority, whatever the issue.  I’ve never been good at being most people–the shoes are too tight.

For your edification and consideration.

State CIOs Get ‘To-Do’ List

HDM Breaking News, August 25, 2009

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers has published a report giving guidance to CIOs as their states implement health information technology provisions of the HITECH Act within American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The act requires state leadership in two primary areas: oversight for the planning and deployment of health information exchanges and management of the Medicaid incentive payments for meaningful use of electronic health records, the report notes.

“The passage of the HITECH Act essentially merged health policy with technology policy across state government and state CIOs must play a key role in HIE development and implementation,” according to the report.

The report includes a list of upcoming deadlines for specific federal regulatory actions, including those most affecting states and their CIOs. The report also details four broad areas where CIOs can have a major impact on HIE initiatives: planning, governance, financing/sustainability and policy.

“The HITECH Act placed a significant amount of new responsibilities on states in regards to state oversight for HIE and the planning and implementation grants for preparing for HIE,” the report states. “During this initial planning period, state CIOs must secure a seat at the table to establish themselves as key stakeholders and also to recognize strengths and identify weaker points that require resolution within their own offices relating to statewide HIT/HIE planning. They must ask themselves what they, with their unique enterprise view, can do to support and contribute to each of these areas.”

That was simple.  I’m thinking that if we can tie the IRS into this system of HIE, HITECH, ARRA, Rhoi, CIO, MOUSE we may be on to something useful.  Did you ever think that acronyms are used as a means of obfuscation, or to hide the identities of the people making these decisions?  I am much more likly to lend my avatar to a group of State This & Thats than I am to have someone write, Paul Roemer is the brainchild behind this I^(*&^%%!.  I like committees of three, especially when the other two don’t know for what time I scheduled the meeting.

English 101.  The desk is hard, the task is difficult, and the task described above is impossible or at least out of the realm of mortals.  Does someone think checking off the items on the list will easily allow my doctor to follow me on business or vacation across the country?  We are all smarter than that and we need to stand up and lead.  The time to follow has ended.