Should HIT make the Top 10 list for medical advances for 2009?

Below is a reply I made to a report that HIT was one of the top medical advances for 2009.  It came from
Great point.  An advance requires movement.  I do not think an 8% penetration with a 60% failure rate and high churn is the type of movement that would qualify.  If anything, it appears more like a retreat or stagnation.
User acceptance is so low that the feds are offering $40 billion in incentives and penalties if that doesn’t work.
Acceptance will not be enhanced by the addition of regional extension centers (RECs); appointed committees with no more HIT expertise than the folks at K-Mart.
It will be hindered further  by similarly provisioned RHIOs building HIEs that are as different from one another as snowflakes, 400 vendors with no standards, and no incentives to create any.
Then there is the N-HIN, Meaningful Use, and Certification, all of which exacerbate the national roll out of EHR to the point where it the current plan will fail.
My take?  Meaningful Use and Certification will not exist in 3 years and firms like Apple, MS, and Google will be the N-HIN.

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