How healthcare reform could be made to work: Fantasy Healthcare

What if we create  It could work a lot like fantasy football.  Annual registration fees must be paid prior to the fantasy draft, and may be paid at Participants will have to participate in the annual draft from the pool of available doctors and specialists, and will be limited to two specialists per person, five for a family.  The same process will apply for selecting a hospital.  If your choice is no longer available when it’s your turn to draft, you may submit another bid, or offer to trade with another member.  Each trade will cost you one thousand Healthcare Points.  Additional points may be purchased at the Public Option web site, www.we’ .

You may purchase fantasy insurance to protect your fantasy-healthcare investment.  In the event your doctor is sued or retires, you have the right to pick one of the doctors provided they are in the same or lower price category. For those who are concerned about the possibility of disputes, we have created  You and your provider submit your arguments online, and the winner will be notified on-line.  Additionally, we’ve added a new feature this year to help you understand your medical costs and bills,  Join now, or take the chance that there may not be any doctors left within a three-hour drive from your house.  Good luck

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