EHR: How to purchase an EHR

Are you really going to where that?  Do these pants really make my…

Did you ever have one of those non-halcyon days when you felt the need to ask someone “Did a house fall on your sister?”  Try to stay with me, it will come to you.  Enough about falling houses Toto.

I sought the counsel of a friend before heading down this path, and I’ve decided to choose the road less traveled anyway.

I may have written that I have observed differences between men and women.  You too?  Here are a few examples from my side of the gated compound.

  • We are willing to make mistakes as long as someone else is willing to learn from them
  • A good excuse is almost as good as getting it right
  • Good intuition will often make up for a lack of any facts
  • We refine our personality flaws, for without them we may not have a personality
  • Peter the Great heard the voices too

I regret that I am unable to share my list about women, for I am a coward.

While shopping the other day, I noticed that women shop for clothing differently from men.  For women, shop is a participatory verb—whatever that is—involving all twelve senses, for men it’s something we’d rather do online while watching the game.  From what I’ve observed, in fostering the she-conomy women:

  • Do their homework—what’s in, what’s not, what’s on sale
  • View shopping as a competitive sport, for some, a blood sport
  • Try on things, often more than once
  • Buy something they may need in case they someday find some other thing they may need that may go with it
  • There is no rule about having too many shoes—buy in volume
  • There is no rule about having too many black shoes

So, let’s see if we can segue beyond this jingoistic tractate on one to something more in line with the lofty subscription fee you paid for this site.

Permit me to employ two definitions which help me keep my ideas cogent.

  • IntraEHR—EHR statements that relate mostly to the healthcare provider
  • InterEHR—EHR statements that relate mostly to the movement  or transport of the EHR record from point A to point B

EHR and shopping.  Can one be at one with this duality?  How can one not be?  From having spoken with a number of healthcare providers about their IntraEHR selection, my take on a lot of the process is that more often than not there is no process.  It’s a lot like watching men shop.  It’s over and done with without much reasoned or substantiable—I was afraid I’d have to invent this word but I found it on Google—thought.  Over and done with, now back to the game.

Maybe EHR scholars will one day be able to trace speed buying of IntraEHRs back to that whole Neanderthal hunter gatherer thing in the Pleistocene epoch.  Sort of a think fast on your feet or you’ll be eaten approach to software selection—an awful metaphor, however CNN ran a feature with that title, so it has some legitimacy.  Maybe the hospital’s executive committee will be able to trace the hastily made IntraEHR purchase back to a lack of a plan, the lack of business requirements, and the lack of an adequate request for proposal RFP.  Maybe your successor will figure it out.

For those who haven’t contracted for their IntraEHR, it may be better to approach this like a woman.  To those who are women—you should know who you are—you are probably already approaching it that way.

Now, where did I leave my black pumps?  And no, I am not going to finish my thought about the pants.

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