Disruptive Strategies: a business imperative

When you think about it, companies begin to die the day they are born.  Some last longer than others, and some are reborn after they die–think GM.  Others may be caught in a death by stagnation spiral.  Microsoft may be a good example–has their lack of innovation caught up to them, or is Windows 37.9 considered innovative?

Disruption.  If you do not like the word, here are a few others that work just as well–disassemble, dismantle, unhinge, and disengage. Disruption is only a first step.  Once you disrupt you then must rebuild. Knowing what to rebuild is the critical success factor.

My new favorite business toy is Prezi.com.  This Prezi link is for a speech I gave last year at ICSI on why disruption is not only good for hospitals, but may in fact be a survival imperative.

For those who like to read bullet points, this presentation may not be for you.  I welcome your feedback on the tool and the ideas, especially since I wrote very little text.  I approach presenting ideas by trying to get the audience to listen to what is said rather than simply reading slides–otherwise I my being there would be superfluous.  Besides, people don’t take notes at the movies, why should they during a talk.


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