A home-grown hero

Hero is such a disposable word.  I thought it might be of interest to share the meaning of the word from the eyes of a ten year old.

Forgive me for stealing a minute of your time for these few paragraphs.  Although I rant about the healthcare system, and independent of whether it needs changing and how to change it, I am quite a fan.

A few years ago my 10-year-old son was given a writing assignment to draft a paragraph about his hero.  He wrote the following about an event that happened when he was 4,  which I subsequently framed and placed on my night stand—the spelling errors help authenticate the narrative:

“An amblence driver is my hero. He saved one of my familys members lives, My Dad. One late night my dad had a hart attack (I had a horrible ear ake.  We called the hospital and an amblence came to take my dad.  The driver took him to the hospital (it takes 30 minutes to get there going 60 miles an hour.)

That event happened nine years ago today.  I love to read and write, and as you know, I can be critical of those who do and don’t, but this is the best piece I’ve ever read.

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