My Healthcare Consumerism Podcast

The Myers-Briggs personality profile test concluded that I am an INTJ—the ‘I’ means I am an introvert. The NTJ means I make Napoleon seem like a pacifist. Anyway, I think I mentioned that I moved to Portland, Oregon in January. I’ve learned a lot about mosses.

Wanting to connect to my new community, I, the introvert, decided to audition for the play Inherit the Wind. I should mention that the last time I was on stage was in college. I auditioned for a play my junior year in high school. Because I didn’t get the lead I quit. I got the lead my senior year.

The audition in Portland required me to perform a monologue and a song. As a person of unlimited hubris and believing that I am not an introvert, I chose to sing ‘Bring him home,’ from Les Mis—if you are going to make a fool of yourself you might as well shoot the moon.

For the monologue I memorized three well-known courtroom scenes; Al Pacino’s closing argument in And Justice For All, Jack Nicholson’s testimony in A Few Good Men, and Matthew McConaughey’s closing argument in A Time to Kill. Go big or go home.

The result of my audition? Not only did I get a part, not only did I get the lead role, they are going to pay me to perform. The world gets curiouser and curiouser.

My days of being an introvert are over.

No segue.

Healthcare Compliance Solutions invited me, as a subject matter healthcare consumerism expert, to be interviewed for a podcast.  In the podcast, I discussed the issues around how to improve consumerism, access, and engagement for all health stakeholders to drive accountable care, population health, and wellness.  Here’s the link:

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